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Top 5 Current Events in Technology

Top 5 Current Events in Technology

by RahulAugust 12, 2015

Looking for the top 5 current events in technology but don’t know where to start looking? Take a look at these current affairs.

1. Google Maps gets night mode for iOS

No more struggling with the blinding white interface of Google maps at night while keeping an eye on the road. Google has finally introduced a fix to the problem by providing night mode. Although android users had the setting years ago, Apple users had to struggle with Google maps. Not anymore with the latest introduction of night mode in iOS.

2. Google to relaunch android One in India

On paper, Android one made perfect sense. However, when it was first launched in India, it didn’t quite turn out well for Google. But the project isn’t down and out. In fact, Google is all set to relaunch the project with even more ambitious goals than before.

3. Microsoft releases Translator App for Android, iOS

While Google had provided fairly useful web-based translation tools long ago, Microsoft still feels there is potential for more. Microsoft has officially released its all new Microsoft translator app for android and iOS users. The app works for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. It is fairly easy to use too. Pull up your device and talk or type the phrase that you need translated. Wait a moment and voila! Translated!

4. Reddit sets new content policy, bans Racist Communities

The popular community news site, Reddit has formalized new set of guidelines that focus on restricting potentially offensive content on the site. This new policy will “quarantine” some of the communities on the website which makes then viewable only to people who opt to do so.Reddit further said that it will ban some of the communities.

5. Don’t hold your breath for Minecraft 2

Bad news for gamers who were waiting with bated breaths for a sequel of Minecraft for years. It is not happening, at least not any time soon.According to developer Mojang, the possibility of creating Minecraft 2 hasn’t even been discussed yet. As of now, they are happy to develop the existing game. But that mean it will never happen, there is hope for future.



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