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Top 10 Free iPhone Apps

Top 10 Free iPhone Apps

by RahulAugust 23, 2015

Got a new iPhone? Good news is that there are now hundreds of free apps available for your iPhone. Some of them help you stay connected, organize your life or simply kill time. Here is a lowdown of top 10 free iPhone apps.

1. Facebook

The most popular social networking site is also the most popular free iPhone app.  So go ahead and access your contacts, share photos and connect with friends with the honed experience of iPhone touch.

2. Photosynth

The really great panorama app makes it to the list of top 10 free iPhone apps. It is user-friendly and fun to use. So watch your panoramas taking shape while you capture them.

3. Pandora Radio

The app is for all the music lovers.  What makes this unique and popular is the fact that it can generate music according to the user’s taste.

4. RunKeeper

It was previously split into ‘pro’ and ‘free’ version but the latest version includes all the features into one which lands this app a spot in the list of top 10 free iPhone apps. It includes the prospects of Nike+ but only gets better.

5. Words with Friends

A great app to kill time while learning as well. What’s more is that it is a free iPhone app. Play with friends, have matches. Make instant opponents or play with simple and familiar rules you know.

6. LinkedIn Pulse

This time Pulse flips RSS on its head which has quite a reputation of being a dry technology and feed you dull headlines. This version provides streams of feeds with photographs that instantly grab attention. No wonder it is one of the top free iPhone apps!

7. Angry Birds Free

Let’s all agree that we are glad it is a freeiPhone app because the game is just so hard to put down with all its challenging castle demolitions and replays.

8. Skype

We are not surprised to find Skype on the list. Talk, share and call all your friends all over the world with this top free iPhone app.


Download the free iPhone app and instantly watch TV shows and movies with direct streaming.

10. Tone Pad

Apple handheld devices are more suited to digital music toys. One such free iPhone app making it possible is TonePad which has a grid based interface allowing you to have all the fun while creating music.


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