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Release Apple IWatch

Release Apple IWatch

by RahulMarch 10, 2015

The Release of Apple Watch

The iWatch entered the market with a big bang last September and until now some crucial details of the Apple Watch were still under wraps. This smartwatch line, according to Apple, is their most personal device yet with a single aim to make technology accessible to everyone. Apple already had made its debut in the world of wearable technology with its iPod Nano and wristbands but this smartwatch is a gamechanger. The Apple iWatch can run its own apps, connect with your iPhone while being a fashionable watch. Here is all you need to know about the Apple Watch.

Release and Shipping

Now that Apple has revealed all regarding its iWatch which was introduced last September, it is of no doubt that it will become world’s most popular smartwatch. The Apple iWatch will soon be released globally and pre-orders begin from 10th April while shipping starts from April 24th. Depending on the style, the watch will cost anywhere from $349 to $10,000.


The Collection

In terms of variety, the iWatch is truly unique and offers a lot of buyer options. In order to define and clarify available choice, Apple has come up with three distinct collections: he Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition. All of them come in 38mm and 42mm rectangular case sizing but differ in terms of finishes and band options.

Features and Battery Life

The iWatch truly supplements the iPhone with a lot of unique features and dares to go beyond with the availability of sensors that are absent in Apple’s tablets and smartphones. Apart from telling you time (it is a smartwatch after all), the iWatch has taptic engines that provide physical cues and messages, notifications, motion sensor for tracking activity, heart rate sensor, built-in Bluetooth support and a digital crown. Thanks to the device’s microphone and speaker, you can take calls or reject them or perform tasks basically connected to your Smartphone.

The battery can run up to 18 hours for regular use but Apple is contentedly calling it an “All-day battery”. Though it doesn’t exactly sound great, and count out sleep tracking. It takes one to know whether it will turn out to be optimistic or conservative.


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