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How to unlock iPhone

How to unlock iPhone

by RahulJune 19, 2015

Some iPhones will only work with a certain carrier because they can work only with the SIM provided to the carrier they are locked to. This usually isn’t much of a problem but problems arise when you need to switch carriers. You would probably want your phone to work with the new carrier on different networks. Earlier, you could unlock it by jailbreakingor installing an unlock software. But unfortunate that it is, Apple has patched that software and you can no longer use software unlocks. But you can still use your iPhone for other carriers. Unlocking it means that you can use your iPhone on a different network or carrier. Such an unlocked phone is often called a contract-free phone or SIM free phone. Here is how to unlock iPhone.

Carrier Unlock

  • You can contact your existing carrier and tell them you would like them to unlock your phone. Most of them will do it as long as your contract is over or you are paying an early termination fee.
  • You can also contact the carrier you want to make a switch towards. They would gladly do it if it is SIM from one of their rivals. Begin by contacting your desired carrier and getting to know more about their carrier policy.

Third Party Unlock

You can use the third party unlock method if the above method doesn’t work.

  • Find a service that will unlock your phone by selling unlock codes to you for certain payment. But before you make any payment, do enough research on that company. Beware of scams and frauds especially when you are breaking your carrier’s policies.
  • Retrieve your iPhone’s IMEI code. Your now unlocked phone will be added to Apple’s unlocked phones list. It means that even if you upgrade your iOS, your phone will remain unlocked. To do that, you will need the IMEI code, which is unique for every phone. Generally it can be found by dialing *#06# on your iPhone.
  • Once your phone has been unlocked, you will have to activate it. You can now insert the SIM card of the new carrier. You might have to jailbreak in certain cases. Activate your iPhone over Wi-Fi or connecting to iTunes via a PC.


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