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How To Breakthrough Your Internet Speed

How To Breakthrough Your Internet Speed

by RahulJuly 20, 2015

A lightning fast internet is everybody’s dream but unfortunately slow connections come in the way and you have to make do with whatever bandwidth is available for use. However, there are certain tricks to boost up your internet speed and enjoy internet at a much faster rate. Here are certain tricks to help you breakthrough your internet speed.

How to speed up your internet?

But before you can begin, you need to know what your current internet speed is and what speed you should be getting. Your provider may boast of blazing fast internet speed but practically, you get only a portion of that. Call up your ISP to know what speed you should be getting.

Try a different Router/ modem

You wouldn’t believe it but your modem/router might be a reason for a slow internet. Switch to a better modem that is well equipped to handle the bandwidth of your connection in the area. It should be suited to the internet plan you are currently using.

Run a scan for viruses

Your internet connection can also fall prey to virus attacks. You need to make sure that viruses aren’t causing your net to slow down. They are capable of sucking resources away from what you are currently doing thus slowing down your internet. Run a thorough check for virus if you are facing slow internet.

Check for on-system interference

At times virus scans and other running programs can mess with your internet speed. This can cause it to slow down. The same can be avoided by switching things off one at a time and then running the speed test again. But while doing this, make sure you have good anti-virus installed in your system.

Check the Filters

Filters are little devices that are attached to phone lines to filter out interferences and disturbances. If your internet connection is connected to a phone line, then make sure you are using good quality filters. Because any compromise on filters can cost your internet speed.

Check for external interferences

Presence of electronic devices such as cell phones, sound system etc. in the modem area can give rise to external interferences as they emit electromagnetic radiations which can act as inhibitors to your internet speed. Try getting such devices out of your modem area.

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