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Apple iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 6s

by RahulSeptember 10, 2015

As everyone waited with bated breaths, Apple finally unveiled its latest iPhone 6s at its annual launch event in San Francisco. As expected, the Apple iPhone 6s looks like last year’s iPhone 6 but the most important changes are in hardware. However, as far as looks are concerned, it is available in a new color called ‘rose gold’ which basically looks a little bluish-pink. But this change in the shade is the only change you can spot between Apple iPhone 6 and the recently launched iPhone 6s.However, the emphasis is on the hardware and Apple has long followed the tradition of hardware upgrades over design development.

Build and Design

According to Apple, the iPhone 6s does look similar to last year’s iPhone 6 but the latest model possesses more internal strength. The chassis used for making the Apple iPhone 6s is a different grade of aluminum, the one that is used in aerospace. The same grade of aluminum is also used in Apple Watch Sport. The company hopes this solves the ‘Bendgate’ crisis that happened last year where customers companied that smartphones ‘bent’ after being sat on. A new and more strengthened glass also tops the latest smartphone.Though the company hasn’t confirmed if this belong to Corning Glass line.


The ‘Force’ Touch

Apple iPhone 6s comes with a variation if Force Touch which can be found on the Apple Watch and some Mac trackpads. The pressure-sensitive touch is also known as 3D touch and can call secondary actions and menus when you press and hold the screen.

New Hardware

The most important upgrade is the hardware upgrade of the iPhone 6s which include upgraded front and rear cameras and video capability. It comes with a 12 Megapixel camera which is quite a leap for Apple given how it has stuck to 8MP cameras in its previous handsets. The 12 MP rear camera’s autofocus will pick up pace and the color accuracy is marvelous. The 5MP front camera is again something to be proud of. But instead of a dedicated flash that most phones offer, Apple uses the home screen to light up instead which increases brightness for selfies.

It will run on iOS 9 including all the software enhancements including a smarter Siri, upgraded OS, low power mode and a long battery life.

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