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5 Ways To Charge Your Smartphone Battery Faster

5 Ways To Charge Your Smartphone Battery Faster

by RahulJuly 1, 2015

What’s more irritating than a dead phone? A smartphone that takes too long to charge! Most of us have fallen prey to it. The charge that never lasts a day and try as you might, you just never seem tobe able to charge it full before stepping out of the house. Tired of it? We are certain you are! Take a look at 5 ways to charge your smartphone battery faster. These tips will help you recharge your smartphone faster and save time.

1. Plug in the power cord

Your smartphone must have come with a plug or cord to recharge through a standard AC outlet. This is the first thing you should reach for while charging your phone. The typical USB 2.0 port delivers upto 500 milliampere of current while the AC plug delivers almost twice that power.

2. Get into airplane mode

The best way to speed up the charging process is to enable the airplane mode. Depending on your device there could be various ways to get to it. By switching your phone into airplane mode, your device blocks any wireless radio waves which mean you will not be receiving any calls, texts, internet access etc. But it is a smart choice given your phone will be charged faster now.

3. Opt for USB 3.0 port

USB port 3.0 is known for faster data transmission. It also supplies power at more pace i.e. about 900 mA which rivals the AC wall chargers.

4. Switch off unnecessary features

Check if any unnecessary features are turned on. These may include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC etc. So while putting your phone for charge, ensure that you have turned of all the unnecessary features and applications and disabled your device from any automatic backups or updates. These are just small steps but will ensure that your phone gets charged much faster. Besides, you can always restore your device to normal settings once you are out of the house. That being said, please do not attempt it while driving.

5. Don’t touch

So you don’t want to switch it off or leave it in airplane mode. Well in that case, do not touch it every 5 minutes while charging because the screen is the biggest energydrainer of all.


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