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After much anticipation, the popular chatting service WhatsApp rolled out its voice calling services to iOS users. At the same time, an update for iOS was available on the Apple store which lets you call people on your whatsApp list regardless of where they live. But then again, the WhatsApp calling for iPhones has had its moments of doubts and many users have not been able to access this feature just yet. If WhatsApp is to be believed, the service will roll out slowly over the next few weeks.

But this isn’t the only major update for iOS. There is another update that lets WhatsApp play nicely with iOS 8 allowing you to share photos, videos and links using the share button. But this doesn’t seem to take the spotlight away from the calling feature. The WhatsApp voice calling (VoIP) on iPhone is the big thing and can be accessed without much hassle.


How to enable VoIP?

Many messaging apps are trying to set the standards of instant messaging and calling but WhatsApp takes the lead for sure. Now that it has entered the voice calling arena, Android users were the first to experience it followed by iPhone users. Here is how to enable WhatsApp calling for iPhones:

  • There is call button on iOS app in the app store which wasn’t activated until recently. You need to have installed WhatsApp beta on your device which is actually a piece of cake.
  • Firstly, your iPhone needs to be jailbroken. iPhones running on iOS 8.2 beta 2 are jailbrekable using Taig. If you happen to be using the older version or even the latest iOS 8.2, you will find yourself out of luck. You need to jailbreak it first to make calls.
  • Once this has been achieved, download the latest beta release of WhatsApp from Cydia.
  • Now ask a friend who already has the feature installed to give you a call. As soon he or she gives you a call, the feature will be activated.

Once you have received a call from a certain user, your whatsApp calling feature should have been activated.

However, another version of WhatsApp for iPhone is available on app store which has an inbuilt support for voice calling. You just need somebody to call you to activate it. Though this version is not available to all the users.


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