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Upcoming Smartphone in India
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Upcoming Smartphone in India

The future of smartphones keeps looking better every passing day. While there are a host of smartphones that are aimed to break the records in technology, yet the smartphone juggernaut keeps churning on in full swing. The previous year saw new upcoming smartphones enter the market and this year too the market will see an upswing. Here is a look at upcoming smartphone in india that are expected to hit the market soon

1. Samsung Galaxy S7


The octa-core 2000 MHz processor equipped smartphone will come with a 5.5 inch super AMOLED screen and a 20MP primary and 8MP front camera. It will support 3G/4G/5G,Wi-Fi and NFC

2. Apple 7


After the success of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, brace yourself to witness the same miracle with iPhone 7. It is expected to launch in September and will run on iOS 9. We are expecting faster processor and some upgrades. It might also be called iPhone 6s.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Topping the charts of best phablets is Samsung note 5, the successor to note 4 of Samsung’s note series.Traditionally, the launches happen during September but if we are lucky enough, we might get the latest Note 5 as early as July.

4. Sony Xperia Z4

After all the rumors that Xperia Z4 won’t be launched until September, it was recently launched in Japan. It is almost identical to the Z3+ but won’t be making appearance any sooner in the Indian market.

5. LG G Flex 2


The G4 and G4 note aren’t the only bankable and exciting smartphones from LG. the G Flex 2 which was unveiled at CES 2015 is a curved-screen smartphone.

6. Nokia Lumia 940

The reason we areanticipating the arrival of Nokia Lumia 940 is because it will be running on windows 10. So bid adieu to all the Windows problems that you have been facing until now.

7. Nokia Lumia 950XL

The XL is the larger version of 950 with a 5.7 inch screen. It will also be running on windows 10.

8. Nexus 5


The new Nexus to be launched in 2015 might be called Nexus 5. Google is reportedly in talks with Huawei and LG. Expect a device with high-end specifications, mid-range price and a business like feel.

9. Xiomi Note Pro

It is hailed as the most powerful smartphone in the world. It comes with a 5.7 inch curved screen with a Note Pro Quad HD.

10. One Plus Two

The One Plus Two is supposed to surprise you and will come with competitive design and specs. It will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and 4GB RAM.

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