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How To Breakthrough Your Internet Speed

A lightning fast internet is everybody’s dream but unfortunately slow connections come in the way and you have to make do with whatever bandwidth is available for use. However, there are certain tricks to boost up your internet speed and enjoy internet at a much faster rate. Here are certain tricks to help you breakthrough your internet speed.

How to speed up your internet?

But before you can begin, you need to know what your current internet speed is and what speed you should be getting. Your provider may boast of blazing fast internet speed but practically, you get only a portion of that. Call up your ISP to know what speed you should be getting.

Try a different Router/ modem

You wouldn’t believe it but your modem/router might be a reason for a slow internet. Switch to a better modem that is well equipped to handle the bandwidth of your connection in the area. It should be suited to the internet plan you are currently using.

Run a scan for viruses

Your internet connection can also fall prey to virus attacks. You need to make sure that viruses aren’t causing your net to slow down. They are capable of sucking resources away from what you are currently doing thus slowing down your internet. Run a thorough check for virus if you are facing slow internet.

Check for on-system interference

At times virus scans and other running programs can mess with your internet speed. This can cause it to slow down. The same can be avoided by switching things off one at a time and then running the speed test again. But while doing this, make sure you have good anti-virus installed in your system.

Check the Filters

Filters are little devices that are attached to phone lines to filter out interferences and disturbances. If your internet connection is connected to a phone line, then make sure you are using good quality filters. Because any compromise on filters can cost your internet speed.

Check for external interferences

Presence of electronic devices such as cell phones, sound system etc. in the modem area can give rise to external interferences as they emit electromagnetic radiations which can act as inhibitors to your internet speed. Try getting such devices out of your modem area.

5 Ways To Charge Your Smartphone Battery Faster

What’s more irritating than a dead phone? A smartphone that takes too long to charge! Most of us have fallen prey to it. The charge that never lasts a day and try as you might, you just never seem tobe able to charge it full before stepping out of the house. Tired of it? We are certain you are! Take a look at 5 ways to charge your smartphone battery faster. These tips will help you recharge your smartphone faster and save time.

1. Plug in the power cord

Your smartphone must have come with a plug or cord to recharge through a standard AC outlet. This is the first thing you should reach for while charging your phone. The typical USB 2.0 port delivers upto 500 milliampere of current while the AC plug delivers almost twice that power.

2. Get into airplane mode

The best way to speed up the charging process is to enable the airplane mode. Depending on your device there could be various ways to get to it. By switching your phone into airplane mode, your device blocks any wireless radio waves which mean you will not be receiving any calls, texts, internet access etc. But it is a smart choice given your phone will be charged faster now.

3. Opt for USB 3.0 port

USB port 3.0 is known for faster data transmission. It also supplies power at more pace i.e. about 900 mA which rivals the AC wall chargers.

4. Switch off unnecessary features

Check if any unnecessary features are turned on. These may include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC etc. So while putting your phone for charge, ensure that you have turned of all the unnecessary features and applications and disabled your device from any automatic backups or updates. These are just small steps but will ensure that your phone gets charged much faster. Besides, you can always restore your device to normal settings once you are out of the house. That being said, please do not attempt it while driving.

5. Don’t touch

So you don’t want to switch it off or leave it in airplane mode. Well in that case, do not touch it every 5 minutes while charging because the screen is the biggest energydrainer of all.


Top 5 Anti-virus and Anti Malware Apps for Android

A lot of corrupted apps and malware can harm your Android smartphone or tablet and that is why it is essential that you install a good antivirus or anti malware app on your android device. On the bright side, the options are in plenty and a lot of mobile antivirus apps offer detection and prevention of malware along with a range of privacy and anti-theft features. Take a look at the top 5 anti-virus and anti-malware apps for android devices.

1. Avast! Mobile Security and Antivirus


Apart from providing top-notch malware protection, the additional features in Avast! Mobile Security and Antivirus are what you should be looking forward to. Even the free version of this app is a lot better than premium version of many other antivirus apps. It includes everything from a privacy adviser to a blacklist that can be customized.

2. Bitdefender Mobile Security


Not a very well-known name in the world of antivirus companies but its Android security is well known. The app is light and powerful and very easy to use. The malware protection is absolutely flawless, combine it with the anti-theft features of this app, you will have a strong antivirus app in your device.

3. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android


Kaspersky is a name to reckon with when it comes to PC security. And its Android security is no less powerful and reliable. The unbeatable malware detection app from Kaspersky Labs for Android devices may cost $14.95 per year (premium version) but the powerful protection would be worth it.

4. AVG Antivirus PRO


Windows users would be acquainted with AVG’s antivirus software. Now android users too can take advantage of the anti-theft and privacy protection features offered by AVG Antivirus Pro. However, many users do not find it quite efficient (given the tough competition) and your device may run a little slower after installing it. It does come with supplementary Android maintenance apps that can integrate seamlessly into the interface.

5. McAfee Mobile Security


Another power player in the world of PC ant virus software, McAfee’s Android security version has managed to impress us with its easy to use interface, balance of functionality and a wide range of features. It has an intelligent interface which we absolutely love. The anti-theft and privacy protection options of this app are admirable too.


The world of mobile gaming has taken over almost every smartphone and given the sheer diversity of these available games, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see people continuously moving their fingers across their mobile screens.Whether you are a GTA person or connect the dots kind of person, there is an android game for you. Check out our pick of best 10 Android games for you.

1. Dots


The game is very patronizingly simple, and if we may say, downright stupidly simple. All you have to do is just draw the lines between colored dots and link the similar dots. As they disappear, more fall in and the game continues to newer dot combinations.

2. The Simpsons Tapped Out


It is free to play and for the people who grew up watching Simpsons on their TV screens, it is now possible to see your beloved Simpsons on your mobile screens.

3. Angry Birds Space


Remember the good old days when we were all hooked on to Angry birds? This new version is even better and offers new play concepts and planet-based levels that require different techniques.

4. Badland


The free game offers you a peek into the dark, weird and gloomy world where you fly in some sort of ablob thing. It gets bigger, smaller and can even split. The game is full of surprises and it is the anticipation that makes us like it even more.

5. Stick Cricket


The game literally sticks to the core values of cricket. Smash every ball you can without worrying about fielders. Just a bat and ball and some smashing is all you need.

6. Monument valley


For one, it is a pretty game and we are fascinated with all those weird geometric patterns and colorful maps bending and rotating in ways that defy every law of physics and nature combined.

7. Pew Pew


This is a multidirectional shoot them up kind of game which looks a lot like geometry war clone. But there are interesting game modes and controls that will keep you hooked.

8. Super Bit Dash


It has a retro feel to it and that’s what we like most about it. It is a scrolling platform game but you have no control over the scroll, just the jumps.

9. Plague Inc.


It requires some sort of strategy which makes it an enjoyable game. You are some kind of evil god who is set on destroyingmankind;needless to say it would be fun.

10. Whale Trail Frenzy


The gamehas a cheerful vibe to it, probably because nobody ever dies in this game. All you do is float in the clouds, collect things and be happy about it.


There are plenty of fantastic smartphones apps on Google Playstore for Android and while some can be free, you have to pay for others. Since there are so many options to choose from, we help you decide which apps to install. Here is list of five smartphones  apps that you got to have in your device.

 1. LastPass Password Mgr Premium 3.0


Guilty of forgetting your passwords? We all are! After all, who can remember the complex and unique passwords for every website and application you use? That’s when LastPass comes into picture and does the heavy work for you. It can remember your exiting passwords and generate new ones. The updates version can even autofill your passwords into specified apps. It costs $12 a month.

 2. Avast- Mobile Security and Antivirus


It certainly pays to be protected butthankfully, Avast is free on the Google OS. Avast has been ranked as one of the best antivirus and its Android version maintains the rank. It protects your device while you browse the web or use web-based apps by scanning all installations and downloads for hidden Trojans and software.

 3. Feedly


Ever since the inception of sliced blogs, Google Reader had the prime use. But you can bid adieu to the old reader with the latest Feedly which is far easier, prettier and very versatile. If reading blog posts and news on your Android device is your thing, Feedly is exactly what you need because you can do all your reading from a single platform.

 4.Google Drive


Google Drive offers cloud storage as well as a mobile office suite.For all the workaholics out there who do not want to waste time, Google Drive is what you need to access your files from just about anywhere. You can easily create presentations, spreadsheets, text documents, all from your mobile device. Add Quickoffice to it and you will have a fully functional MS Office on your phone.



Need a digital multitool? Evernote is your answer. It can do everything from taking notes, keeping lists, to-do manager, voice recorder and web clipper. It also offers optical character recognition through which you can search text in photos. The powerful app may seem overwhelming at first but with time and practice, you will soon find smart ways to utilize the app.




The Google Play Store is home to a number of mobile games. Racing, shooting, action, puzzle, strategy, you name it; Android has it in store for you. All you need is an Android smartphone or tablet and you are all set for some gaming action. Check out the best 5 Android games.

 1.Greed for Glory: Savage Heroes


If you have played Clash of Clans and liked it, you certainly shouldn’t miss out on Greed for Glory: Savage Heroes. You are the king of your kingdom which you have to build and fend of rivals and their kingdoms. But with great powers come great responsibilities which include recruiting an army, heroes and playing through lots of campaign missions.

 2.Drag Race: Rush


The fast paced racing game offers a lot more than just adrenaline rush and drag racing which you have watched countless times in movies. The visuals do a pretty good job in showcasing the speed and also you can rush through a lot of races in a short period. It will make a good pastime if you are on the go.

 3.Angry Birds Star Wars II


We just can’t get enough of angry birds! This is a sequel to Angry Birds Star Wars with a lot of improvements including the design ideas, branching levels and characters packs that can be swapped to try different strategies. And the bonus- there are collectible toys too! The game is a good match for Darth Maul fans.

 4.Knightmare Tower


It is a little like Doodle jump but definitely better. You are a knight who is trying to ascend a tower with constant jumping which only goes higher and higher. Attack your enemies that are flying from below to fly even higher. The better you attack, the more swiftly you fly. You probably might fail in the ascent but the plus point is you are consistently getting better abilities to soar higher. It is a tough one to put down!

 5.Drop 7


The numerical puzzle game by AreaCode is a tough one to quit and you probably wouldn’t want to. You need to make numbers disappear as they land on a 7×7 grid by matching them vertically and horizontally. This is highly addictive; don’t say we didn’t warn you.



Experimenting with jet packs in Call of Duty? Scoring your last goal in FIFA 15? Or taking on Crota in Destiny? Whatever game catches your fancy, it wouldn’t be half as fun without a good set of headphones or headset.Whether you are looking for a pair of headphones for your Xbox, PS4 or PC, you will need a good headset that doesn’t comprise on audio quality and gives you a great gaming experience. So here is list of best gaming headphones and headsets in India that you ought to have to take your game to the next level.


1.Sennheiser PC 350 SE

senn02_191316196220_640x360The PC 350 headphones from a global leader of electro-acoustic are worth the price. Get a true gaming experience by optimizing these headphones for a binaural perception. Along with an amazing sound quality, they also offer noise isolation and a noise cancellation mic. They are available for Rs. 13,889 at Flipkart.


2.Steelseries Siberia V2

IMG-0021-1Being a gamer, you got to have a pair of these headsets. They are great in terms of output and quality. The precise positioning of the audio and accurate aural feedback is what sets them apart, and that is exactly what a gamer needs. It is available for Rs. 5,499.


3.Cooler Master Sirus 5.1


For a hardcore gamer, the Cooler Master has a whole range of products. The Sirus 5.1 is one of them. It comes with separate drivers and offers 5.1 surround sound unlike others in the competition that only provide a virtual surround sound. It also comes with DAC and integrated audio processor and is available for Rs. 5,359 at Flipkart.


4.ASUS Vulcan

indexThe ASUS Vulcan is lightweight and offers noise isolation for an amazing gaming experience. It provides complete ear coverage with ultra-soft breathable cushions. A detachable noise-filtering microphone is also provided. The headphone is best for those who enjoy gaming as well as music. It is available from Rs. 7,100 onwards.


5.Razer’s Kracken Pro


The flamboyant green hardware of the Razer’s Kracken Pro is matched by an equally good sound. They are said to be the most comfortable gaming headsets ever made. They are wearable on the go, which is their major selling point. The 40mm magnet drivers allow super low bass and crystal clear voices. They are available at Rs. 6,499 at eBay India.



5 Best Apps For Chatting and Messaging

SMS is passé and in this age of Smartphones, connecting is just a click away. All thanks to messaging and chatting apps, networking is getting fun and we sure love it. There are lots of apps to choose from and in case you are having trouble deciding, take a look at our list of 5 Best apps for chatting and messaging.

1. WhatsApp (initially free):


Clean and simple interface of WhatsApp is what makes it so popular. No wonder Facebook bought it for $19bn. The remarkably easy set-up, ad-free experience and automatic syncing with your contacts make the feature rich WhatsApp a hit. You can share photos audio, video and start a group chat. It works on iOS, Android, blackberry and Windows OS.

2.Facebook Messenger (Free):


Over 500 million people downloaded the Facebook Messenger when it was released. The app is exclusively for Facebook chatting. There are a lot stickers, you can exchange pictures and voice messages and make free Wi-Fi calls. It is supported by iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows OS.

3.Viber (Free):


The free messaging app is easy to set up and offers a lot options in terms of messaging. There is no system of PINs as it uses your phone number as your login and can sync with all your contacts. You can send photos, stickers, voice and video messages to other viber members. The new feature lets you call people on their landline too for free. It is supported by iOS, Android and Windows.

4.Snapchat (Free):


Snapchat had some bad publicity over its privacy in which some 100,000 images were exposed. It is often thought of a gateway into the world of teen selfies and nudes but no doubt it can also be beautiful and often hilarious. It is a nice relief from long texting marathons. It is supported by iOS and Android.

5.Line (Free):


There is a lot more to this Japanese app apart from ‘WhatsApp like’ logo. Many celebs are on Line and it became popular for its VoIP that allows voice calls over the internet. You get a Facebook like wall, plenty of games and can add new users simply by shaking your phone. It is supported by iOS and Android OS.

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