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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a term we often hear but only a few actually know what it means. You must have heard your friends saying their data is stored in the cloud and by the way it doesn’t mean actual clouds. Well, you must have guessed that by now, unless you were stranded in a desert! Since Cloud computing is here to stay and it actually is a big deal, let us help you understand what is Cloud Computing.

What is Cloud?

Basically, the ‘cloud’ is just a metaphor for various data networks which are located somewhere far away and can be accessed via internet. Doesn’t sound like your idea of a cloud? It certainly isn’t a ‘cloud’ in a literal sense. Despite its name, ‘cloud’ has nothing to do with traditional clouds and no, you will not lose your data in case of stormy weather. What is cloud computing then?

‘The cloud’ simply denotes vast and diverse networks which might not be accessible to us physically but can still affect us. In cloud computing, the servers, fiber-optic cables and software engineers may be miles away from you but an interaction is possible. In terms of IT, it is a distinct IT environment designed to remotely provision scalable and measured IT resources.

Version of Cloud

Several varieties of cloud based computing services are present and users have plenty of choices when it comes to using a cloud based service suitable for their IT needs. The two most popular versions of cloud computing are Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas). With SaaS, the cloud service provider hosts your data and applications on its servers and storage systems. You will need a web browser to gain access to the same. In IaaS, the service provider offers physical servers, virtual machines, switching, and storage and connectivity resources.

Types of cloud services

To an average computer user, one of the most basic cloud based services provided are cloud storage services. These include services such as remote data backup, file hosting and file sharing. All you have to do is simply sign up with a cloud storage service that will allot you certain free storage space usually 2-5 GB for hosting whatever data you want to save. There are also options to upgrade to more storage space. You can easily increase or decrease the usage of your services easily without physically interacting with the cloud computing infrastructure.


Best Medical Technologies

Medical field is constantly developing and evolving to provide better health care facilities. While some of these medical technologies are ready to be implemented, others are still being worked upon. But one thing is certain, in the years to come these medical technologies are going to have a drastic impact on medicine and healthcare. Here are some of the best medical technologies.

1. 3-D Printing

With above 95% of all hearing aids being 3-D printed today, this technology has already made its mark in the field of medical technology. From printing braces to prosthetics, 3-D printing has come a long way and very soon we might as well see 3-D printed facial prosthetics.

2. Flexible Microelectronics

Lot of teams around the world are working on this technology and very soon we will have this medical technology working in our bodies. Flexible microelectronics iscapable of wrapping around irregular tissue shapes and sustains their motion in order to sense and respond to different physiological parameters. It is expected to be a healthy and painless experience.

3. Smart power Prostheses

Future amputees will not be so dependent on others due to the introduction of smart powered prostheses. The system is still in development and this medical technology will enable the wearer to regain his/her own abilities. The prosthetic hand has tactile sensors located on the fingertips that let the user feel what is being touched.

4. XStat Rapid Hemostasis System

Lead poisoning can occur in various forms and patients who are severely bleeding may not be helped sometimes even with gauzes and external pressure. This is where the XStat device enters the picture. The device was unveiled to efficiently and quickly stop deep bleeding wounds. It works by injecting a bunch of tablet sized pellets that fill up the wound by quickly expanding. It can be used as a syringe.

5. Diabetes Monitoring/ Glucose Control

The medical technology comes to aid for diabetic patients who have to get their fingers pricked every time to get a diabetes test. The new genteel lancing device offers nearly pain free pricks anywhere in the body. The laser based glucometer which is being developed at Princeton University will make pin pricks obsolete. It makes use of infrared light to determine glucose levels.

Top Paying Technology Jobs

Whether you like developing software, design programs, build computer systems or prevent cyber-attacks, there is high paying technology job out there in the field of your interest. With numerous job opening and ever-growing technology field, you can land yourself some highly lucrative technology jobs . Here are some of the high paying jobs in the tech world.

1. Software Developer

It is the software developers who make it possible for you to entertain yourself while managing productivity.They are needed by every company whether big technology giants or small enterprises building apps for personal use.Whether you like Evernote or you are hung up on “Angry Birds”, you can count on them to make the experience worthwhile for you. The job requires out-of-the-box thinking designers who can test, maintain and improve applications and operation system software.

2. Computer system analyst

Another top paying tech job is that of a computer system analyst. More than one-fourth of them work for computer system design firms but positions are also increasingly opening in health care, science, medicine, finance and banking. By 2022, a job growth of 24.5% is expected in this field by The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

3. Information Security Analyst

Another job in the list of top paying technology jobs is that of information security analyst.Their main task is to deal with cyber-attacks and keep the system protected. The information security analysts’ work involves staying ahead of cyber-attacks and keeping company system and data secure. Their task involves vulnerability assessment, risk assessment and defence planning and management to keep their company’s or government’s data secure from any kind of security breach.

4. Web Developer

Web development is another top paying technology job. Web developers are tasked with designing and navigating the function of a website. They maintain the basic functions of your favourite website. To make a career in this field, you should have basic knowledge of coding as well as be familiar with latest trends in design.

5. IT Manager

The IT world is growing at a rapid pace and therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that IT offers top paying technology jobs. The role of an IT manager is to match modern technologies to his company’s business structure. IT managers need excellent technical skills as well as management skills.

Top 5 Current Events in Technology

Looking for the top 5 current events in technology but don’t know where to start looking? Take a look at these current affairs.

1. Google Maps gets night mode for iOS

No more struggling with the blinding white interface of Google maps at night while keeping an eye on the road. Google has finally introduced a fix to the problem by providing night mode. Although android users had the setting years ago, Apple users had to struggle with Google maps. Not anymore with the latest introduction of night mode in iOS.

2. Google to relaunch android One in India

On paper, Android one made perfect sense. However, when it was first launched in India, it didn’t quite turn out well for Google. But the project isn’t down and out. In fact, Google is all set to relaunch the project with even more ambitious goals than before.

3. Microsoft releases Translator App for Android, iOS

While Google had provided fairly useful web-based translation tools long ago, Microsoft still feels there is potential for more. Microsoft has officially released its all new Microsoft translator app for android and iOS users. The app works for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. It is fairly easy to use too. Pull up your device and talk or type the phrase that you need translated. Wait a moment and voila! Translated!

4. Reddit sets new content policy, bans Racist Communities

The popular community news site, Reddit has formalized new set of guidelines that focus on restricting potentially offensive content on the site. This new policy will “quarantine” some of the communities on the website which makes then viewable only to people who opt to do so.Reddit further said that it will ban some of the communities.

5. Don’t hold your breath for Minecraft 2

Bad news for gamers who were waiting with bated breaths for a sequel of Minecraft for years. It is not happening, at least not any time soon.According to developer Mojang, the possibility of creating Minecraft 2 hasn’t even been discussed yet. As of now, they are happy to develop the existing game. But that mean it will never happen, there is hope for future.



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