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The Google Play Store is home to a number of mobile games. Racing, shooting, action, puzzle, strategy, you name it; Android has it in store for you. All you need is an Android smartphone or tablet and you are all set for some gaming action. Check out the best 5 Android games.

 1.Greed for Glory: Savage Heroes


If you have played Clash of Clans and liked it, you certainly shouldn’t miss out on Greed for Glory: Savage Heroes. You are the king of your kingdom which you have to build and fend of rivals and their kingdoms. But with great powers come great responsibilities which include recruiting an army, heroes and playing through lots of campaign missions.

 2.Drag Race: Rush


The fast paced racing game offers a lot more than just adrenaline rush and drag racing which you have watched countless times in movies. The visuals do a pretty good job in showcasing the speed and also you can rush through a lot of races in a short period. It will make a good pastime if you are on the go.

 3.Angry Birds Star Wars II


We just can’t get enough of angry birds! This is a sequel to Angry Birds Star Wars with a lot of improvements including the design ideas, branching levels and characters packs that can be swapped to try different strategies. And the bonus- there are collectible toys too! The game is a good match for Darth Maul fans.

 4.Knightmare Tower


It is a little like Doodle jump but definitely better. You are a knight who is trying to ascend a tower with constant jumping which only goes higher and higher. Attack your enemies that are flying from below to fly even higher. The better you attack, the more swiftly you fly. You probably might fail in the ascent but the plus point is you are consistently getting better abilities to soar higher. It is a tough one to put down!

 5.Drop 7


The numerical puzzle game by AreaCode is a tough one to quit and you probably wouldn’t want to. You need to make numbers disappear as they land on a 7×7 grid by matching them vertically and horizontally. This is highly addictive; don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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