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best five smartphones apps
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There are plenty of fantastic smartphones apps on Google Playstore for Android and while some can be free, you have to pay for others. Since there are so many options to choose from, we help you decide which apps to install. Here is list of five smartphones  apps that you got to have in your device.

 1. LastPass Password Mgr Premium 3.0


Guilty of forgetting your passwords? We all are! After all, who can remember the complex and unique passwords for every website and application you use? That’s when LastPass comes into picture and does the heavy work for you. It can remember your exiting passwords and generate new ones. The updates version can even autofill your passwords into specified apps. It costs $12 a month.

 2. Avast- Mobile Security and Antivirus


It certainly pays to be protected butthankfully, Avast is free on the Google OS. Avast has been ranked as one of the best antivirus and its Android version maintains the rank. It protects your device while you browse the web or use web-based apps by scanning all installations and downloads for hidden Trojans and software.

 3. Feedly


Ever since the inception of sliced blogs, Google Reader had the prime use. But you can bid adieu to the old reader with the latest Feedly which is far easier, prettier and very versatile. If reading blog posts and news on your Android device is your thing, Feedly is exactly what you need because you can do all your reading from a single platform.

 4.Google Drive


Google Drive offers cloud storage as well as a mobile office suite.For all the workaholics out there who do not want to waste time, Google Drive is what you need to access your files from just about anywhere. You can easily create presentations, spreadsheets, text documents, all from your mobile device. Add Quickoffice to it and you will have a fully functional MS Office on your phone.



Need a digital multitool? Evernote is your answer. It can do everything from taking notes, keeping lists, to-do manager, voice recorder and web clipper. It also offers optical character recognition through which you can search text in photos. The powerful app may seem overwhelming at first but with time and practice, you will soon find smart ways to utilize the app.



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