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best 10 Android games
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The world of mobile gaming has taken over almost every smartphone and given the sheer diversity of these available games, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see people continuously moving their fingers across their mobile screens.Whether you are a GTA person or connect the dots kind of person, there is an android game for you. Check out our pick of best 10 Android games for you.

1. Dots


The game is very patronizingly simple, and if we may say, downright stupidly simple. All you have to do is just draw the lines between colored dots and link the similar dots. As they disappear, more fall in and the game continues to newer dot combinations.

2. The Simpsons Tapped Out


It is free to play and for the people who grew up watching Simpsons on their TV screens, it is now possible to see your beloved Simpsons on your mobile screens.

3. Angry Birds Space


Remember the good old days when we were all hooked on to Angry birds? This new version is even better and offers new play concepts and planet-based levels that require different techniques.

4. Badland


The free game offers you a peek into the dark, weird and gloomy world where you fly in some sort of ablob thing. It gets bigger, smaller and can even split. The game is full of surprises and it is the anticipation that makes us like it even more.

5. Stick Cricket


The game literally sticks to the core values of cricket. Smash every ball you can without worrying about fielders. Just a bat and ball and some smashing is all you need.

6. Monument valley


For one, it is a pretty game and we are fascinated with all those weird geometric patterns and colorful maps bending and rotating in ways that defy every law of physics and nature combined.

7. Pew Pew


This is a multidirectional shoot them up kind of game which looks a lot like geometry war clone. But there are interesting game modes and controls that will keep you hooked.

8. Super Bit Dash


It has a retro feel to it and that’s what we like most about it. It is a scrolling platform game but you have no control over the scroll, just the jumps.

9. Plague Inc.


It requires some sort of strategy which makes it an enjoyable game. You are some kind of evil god who is set on destroyingmankind;needless to say it would be fun.

10. Whale Trail Frenzy


The gamehas a cheerful vibe to it, probably because nobody ever dies in this game. All you do is float in the clouds, collect things and be happy about it.

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